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"Re" stands for digital change and new beginnings; "aD" stands for the transformation from analogue to digital workflows.
The summit programme focuses on presenting practical examples and specific applications. Users report to users, showing how the transformation caused by digitalisation in production and sales can be gradually optimised.


Communication, networking and information are the three overarching themes of the cross-
industry Re'aD Summit. Key topics here include knowledge and the optimum application of tools, competitive advantages for businesses as well as cost and time savings in production processes.
Involving participants in this dialogue format is an important part of the event. The latest software and hardware solutions for digital logistics and production processes will also be showcased in the exhibition areas.


Altes Kesselhaus

Hansaallee 321,

40549 Düsseldorf

Re'aD – Our Story

Industry 4.0 is a slogan that is widely repeated by politicians, associations and the media.
The real economy, however, is taking a more cautious approach. Companies need support and practical information, which is something that the Re'aD Summit provides. There is a fundamental awareness of the opportunities that digital networking presents, with the initial focus on e-commerce and evolving consumer habits.
The digital challenge for manufacturers and supply chains in the consumer goods industry is growing. We believe that supply chains should be digitally optimised and networked to align with this digitally accelerated consumption.

Re'aD – Our Vision

There's no doubt about it, digitalisation is making great strides in all areas of life and across all commercial sectors.
That's why we are initiating a dialogue which stems from the industry and is intended for the industry. We are calling on leading institutions and companies in the worlds of business and
politics to engage in a concrete exchange of experiences that will convincingly, positively and dynamically drive forward digitalisation.

Re'aD – Technologie

Specialist lectures given by first-generation digital users provide a wealth of knowledge and real-life experience.
The latest technologies for developing lifestyle products will be presented using specific best-practice examples. In other words, selected systems that have been tried and tested in real life will be presented. This will primarily be software and hardware solutions for developing products and communicating them: 3D development programmes, printer technologies, the latest digital communication techniques for colours and surfaces.


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